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An access activity is defined as a coherent work package of experimental activities provided free of charge by the infrastructure facility aimed at carrying our specific scientific objectives of its users.

INFRAVEC aims to optimise the use and development of existing research infrastructures, in genetic control of mosquitoes transmitting diseases to humans and facilitate access to these infrastructures to research teams (individual researchers or groups) via a simple and efficient peer-review competitive process. Users, including PhD students, from the EU and Associated Countries can access infrastructures outside their own countries, either in person (hands-on) or through the provision of remote scientific services.

Access includes logistical, technological and scientific support as well as any specific training that is normally provided to external researchers using the infrastructure. Legal and ethical approvals are also provided. The support may include the provision of basic consumables required to perform the activity packages offered by INFRAVEC, detailed information can be obtained by contacting the facility contact person. Travel expenses to and from the INFRAVEC facilities as well as accommodation expenses in the country hosting the facility will not be reimbursed, unless otherwise stated by the specific Unit of Access call. No cash funds will be transferred to any user under any access activity.

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